At 30 kilometers from Lyon, perched on a hill and surrounded by the Beaujolais vineyards, Oingt is one of the jewels of the "Pays des pierres dorées". With a medieval past, the village has kept from this time period the ancient chapel of the castle, the fortified door of Nizy, and a dungeon from which you will have a splendid vista on the valley of the Azergues river. In the heart of the village, ocre yellow facades houses are home of craftsmen and artists.

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Information : Beaujolais Pierres Dorées Tourist Office - Tel : +33(0)4 74 60 26 16 /
Town hall : Tel : +33 (0)4 74 71 21 24

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Must-sees and must-dos

  • The museum of the dungeon
  • The Museum of Barrel organs and Mechanical Music
  • The museum of cars, wine and agriculture
  • The Maison commune (exhibition of local artists)
  • The Saint-Mathieu’s church
  • The guided visit of the village


  • Castles and ramparts : Dungeon, fortified door of Nizy, castel chapel
  • Unusual sights : International festival of barrel organs and Mechanical Music and museum
  • Panoramas : Views on the Azergues’ valley and the Lyonnais mounts from the dungeon
  • Wine : AOC Beaujolais wines