Partner companies

The association enjoys the financial and technical support of:

A subsidiary of Suez, Sdei more specifically supports the association’s development procedure.


Local authority partners

Alongside the Départements of Corrèze, Dordogne, Drôme, Haute-Loire, Hérault, Loire, Oise, Orne and Vaucluse that contribute to the running of the association by granting subsidies, several local authorities allocate technical and financial aid directly to the villages as part of specific programmes.

Conseil Régional d'Auvergne     Since 1995, and as part of the "Cités auvergnates de caractère" programme, which is particular in that it only applies to the villages in its region that are members of the Association "Les Plus Beaux Villages de France", the Auvergne Regional Council gives technical and financial support to 9 villages so they can carry out their restoration, development and improvement projects.