This hamlet that belongs to the municipality of Comprégnac will have had an unusual destiny : just 7 kilometres from Millau, its creamy stone houses stretch out along a sheer cliff that faces the highest viaduct in the world. In front of the church that is built into the cliff face, an open square offers an unobstructed view of the viaduct and the green waters of the River Tarn.

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Information : Millau Tourist Office - Tel : +33 (0)5 65 60 02 42 /
Town Hall - Tel : +33 (0)5 65 62 31 06

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Must-sees and must-dos

  • Church of Saint Christophe built into the rock
  • A guided tour of the village
  • Colombier du Capelier(dovecote in Comprégnac)
  • Maison de la Truffe (Truffle Centre in Comprégnac)


  • By the waterside : The river Tarn
  • Abbeys and churches : Church of Saint Christophe built into the rock
  • Panoramas : View of Millau Viaduct and the River Tarn