In Corsica, known as the Island of Beauty, at the entrance to a magnificent pink granite "calanche" or rocky inlet listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Piana looks down over the Golfe de Porto from its idyllic setting. As you wander from narrow street to shady square where the scent of eucalyptus hangs, you will discover the white houses arranged in amphitheatre fashion that are overlooked by the Italian-style church of Sainte Marie.

+ d'infos : www.otpiana.com

Information : Tourist Office - Tel : +33 (0)9 66 92 84 42 / Town Hall - Tel : +33 (0)4 95 27 80 28

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Must-sees and must-dos

  • Hiking and swimming in the rocky inlets


  • By the waterside : Mediterranean Sea
  • Unusual sights : The rocky inlets