Unusual sights

  • At about 70 kms from Nîmes, Montclus set up in a meander of Cèze river. The dungeon of the medieval castle still overlooks the village which has kept a part of the former Benedictine monastery built in the rock by the Templars. Surrounded by vineyards and fields of lavender, Montclus is nicely restored and offers to the visitors the charm of its small alleys with its white-stone houses, its covered ways, its stairs and its luxuriant vegetation.

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    • By the waterside : the river Cèze
    • Castles and ramparts : the dungeon
    • Unusual sights : remains of the monastery built in the rock

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  • Montsoreau lies between Anjou and Touraine and has the River Loire as prestigious setting. The 15C castle made famous by Alexandre Dumas’ novel "La Dame de Montsoreau" is reflected in the waters of this legendary river. All around, flower-decked streets with slate-roofed, white tufa houses and green pathways lead to the Saumur vineyards.


    • By the waterside : The river Loire
    • Castles and ramparts : The castle (15C)
    • Unusual sights : The mushroom farm, cave dwellings
    • Wine : AOC Saumur wines, Saumur-Champigny, Crémant de Loire

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    • Mornac-sur-Seudre rue du Port

    Mornac-sur-Seudre is an old fishing and commercial port which today focuses more on oyster farming and the salt produced by its marshes. As you wander through the village, which is a classic example of Charente coastal villages, you will discover its white painted houses with their green or blue shutters that are often hidden by hollyhocks.


    • By the waterside : Atlantic Ocean
    • Gastronomy : Oysters and salt
    • Unusual sights : Les Mouettes miniature train (to discover Charente-Maritime)

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  • 55 kilometres east of Perpignan, Mosset looks out over Castellane Valley from the top of its rocky spur. Besides the fine architectural heritage stemming from medieval times, the Catalan village, which covers 7,120 ha and has a 2,000 m variation in height, also boasts an exceptional wealth of flora and fauna.


    • Unusual sights : La Tour des Parfums (fun, interactive and educational museum)
    • Panoramas : View of Castellane Valley

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    • Moustiers-Sainte-Marie portail chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Beauvoir

    Moustiers has established its houses and bustling streets in the indentation of a rock, right beside the Lac de Sainte-Croix and the Gorges du Verdon. It is famous for producing pottery (faïence) and the village still has some twenty workshops devoted to that craft today.


    • By the waterside : Source of the River Adou, Lac de Sainte-Croix, Gorges du Verdon
    • Unusual sights : The "Chain" and its star linking the two rocky cliffs overhanging the village
    • Panoramas : View of the village and its site from a waymarked path leading to the "Chain"

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  • Curled up in the hollow of a meander made by the River Serein, Noyers has two sides to show visitors : its medieval and its winegrowing facets. Place de la Petite-Etape-aux-Vins, Place du Marché-au-Blé or Place du Grenier-à-Sel (Wine, Corn Market and Salt Storehouse Squares) are all squares that call to mind the village’s flourishing period of farming and trade, as do the fine half-timbered fronts of the 15C houses


    • By the waterside : The river Serein
    • Castles and ramparts : Ramparts, towers and gates of the old fortification
    • Unusual sights : Naïve Art Museum
    • Wine : AOC Chablis wines

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  • At 30 kilometers from Lyon, perched on a hill and surrounded by the Beaujolais vineyards, Oingt is one of the jewels of the "Pays des pierres dorées". With a medieval past, the village has kept from this time period the ancient chapel of the castle, the fortified door of Nizy, and a dungeon from which you will have a splendid vista on the valley of the Azergues river. In the heart of the village, ocre yellow facades houses are home of craftsmen and artists.


    • Castles and ramparts : Dungeon, fortified door of Nizy, castel chapel
    • Unusual sights : International festival of barrel organs and Mechanical Music and museum
    • Panoramas : Views on the Azergues’ valley and the Lyonnais mounts from the dungeon
    • Wine : AOC Beaujolais wines

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    • Pérouges rue le soir

    36 kilometres north-east of Lyon, at the top of a hill overlooking the Rhône plain, this former weavers’ settlement has kept evidence of its medieval past within its double enclosure of walls : old 15C and 16C houses, unevenly paved streets, and the fortress church to name but a few. Contemporary lighting enhances the exceptional architectural unity.


    • Castles and ramparts : Walls and fortified gates
    • Gastronomy : Sugared puff pastry cake
    • Unusual sights : Place aux Tilleuls square
    • Panoramas : View of the Rhône plain and the River Ain

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  • Pesmes used to be a strategic site on the way from Gray to Dole and has had a turbulent history because of the various occupations it underwent before it became French in 1678. Despite that fact, the village has preserved a wealth of heritage : remains of the castle, church of Saint Hilaire dating back to the 13C and 14C and gates. Along the delightful River Ognon, the 16C and 17C dwellings that used to belong to leading citizens and the wine growers’ houses are reminders of the village’s wine producing past.


    • By the waterside : Au fil de l'eau L’Ognon (rivière)
    • Castles and ramparts : Castles and ramparts of Pesmes
    • Unusual sights : The ancient forge

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    • Peyre façades maisons

    This hamlet that belongs to the municipality of Comprégnac will have had an unusual destiny : just 7 kilometres from Millau, its creamy stone houses stretch out along a sheer cliff that faces the highest viaduct in the world. In front of the church that is built into the cliff face, an open square offers an unobstructed view of the viaduct and the green waters of the River Tarn.


    • By the waterside : The river Tarn
    • Abbeys and churches : Church of Saint Christophe built into the rock
    • Panoramas : View of Millau Viaduct and the River Tarn

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