• Olargues is torn between the South of France and the Massif Central, but that’s no problem because it’s got a little bit of both ! Chestnut and cherry trees rub shoulders with vines and olive trees and the sun tries to heat up the chilly waters of the River Jaur. At the foot of the Caroux Mountains, the old fortified village attracts visitors not only because of its paved streets and covered passageways but also because it is ideally located for outdoor activities.


    • By the waterside : River Jaur
    • Castles and ramparts : Remains of the ramparts, keep of the old castle which is now the church tower
    • Panoramas : Panoramic view from the church tower
    • Wine : AOC wines from Berlou and Roquebrun (Saint-Chinian)

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  • The fortified village of Puycelsi watches over Grésigne Forest from the top of a rocky plateau overlooking the Vère valley. 14C and 15C houses made of stone, wood and brick are revealed behind more than 800 m of ramparts and the rampart walk offers wonderful views of the surrounding scenery.


    • Castles and ramparts : Ramparts, double entry gate of l’Irissou
    • Unusual sights : Conservation orchard for old fruit species
    • Panoramas : View of Grésigne Forest, the Vère valley and the Quercy causses (limestone plateau) from the rampart walk
    • Wine : AOC Gaillac wines

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  • This village is one of Alsace’s gems and its excellent wines match the excellence of its architecture. A stroll around the village is a delight and the flower-decked balconies, sculpted windows and old paved courtyards are everywhere to be seen. Houses dating from the 15C to 18C, castle of the Dukes of Wurtemberg, squares and fountains : everything is wonderful !


    • Castles and ramparts : Ramparts ; castle of the Dukes of Wurtemberg -Montbéliard
    • Wine : AOC wines from Alsace and Schoenenbourg and Sporen grands crus

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  • Situated in the heart of the biggest ochre deposit in Europe, Roussillon blazons forth its difference through an astonishing palette of flaming colours. As you wander its narrow streets and stairways and gaze upon its facades, which are often quite plain and naturally beautiful, you will be admiring the result of age-old know-how.


    • Unusual sights : The ochre cliffs and quarries
    • Panoramas : View of Mont Ventoux and the Luberon
    • Wine : AOC Côtes du Luberon wines

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    • Saint-Cirq-Lapopie toits et façades

    Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is perched on a cliff overlooking a meander of the Lot and is a masterpiece of medieval architecture. Surveyed by the fortified church, the houses with their sloping, brown-tiled roofs are a harmonious sight lining the picturesque alleyways. This spot has attracted both artists and writers such as André Breton who used to take up residence in the village in summer.


    • By the waterside : The river Lot
    • Castles and ramparts : Saint-Cirq-Lapopie castle
    • Gastronomy : Foie gras
    • Panoramas : View of the Lot Valley and the Causse du Quercy limestone plateau
    • Wine : Quercy wines

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    • Séguret vue village et vignobles

    Séguret stands at the foot of the jagged Dentelles de Montmirail range, looking out over the Rhône Valley in a landscape of vineyards, with the tower of its medieval castle above it. As visitors stroll along the waymarked path through the village, they can see Reynier gate, remains of the fortifications, Mascarons fountain, the wash house, the belfry and the Romanesque Church of Saint Denis.


    • Castles and ramparts : La Bise, Neuf and Reynier gates
    • Panoramas : View of the jagged Dentelles de Montmirail range and Comtat plain
    • Wine : AOC Côtes du Rhône Séguret wines

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    • Seillans Paysage

    Seillans is just a few kilometres away from Fayence and has everything a typical Provencal village should have : houses arranged in tiers on the hillside, narrow paved streets, arched passageways, little squares where fountains babble, sunny weather and vistas of vineyards and olive groves. The spot appealed to the painter Max Ernst who spent the last years of his life here and whose work can be admired at the Tanning-Ernst Collection.


    • Abbeys and churches : Chapel of Notre Dame de l’Ormeau, Church of SaintLéger (11C)
    • Castles and ramparts : Medieval castle, Sarrasine gate, tower, etc.
      • Gastronomy : Olive oil (celebration in November)
      • Unusual sights :
      • Wine : AOC Côtes de Provence wines

      Tanning-Ernst Collection (engravings)

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    • Vézelay basilique au soleil couchant

    Looking onto the Monts du Morvan, Sainte Madeleine Basilica stands at the top of a steep hill and watches majestically over the winegrowers’ houses and Renaissance dwellings. This masterpiece of Romanesque art was restored by architect Viollet-le-Duc in the 19C and has made Vézelay a Mecca for pilgrimages and a starting point on the way to Santiago de Compostela.


    • Abbeys and churches : Sainte Madeleine Basilica (12C and 19C)
    • Panoramas : View of the Cure valley and Monts du Morvan from the forecourt of the old castle
    • Wine : AOC Burgundy Vézelay wines

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