Vouvant is girdled by a loop of the River Mère and stands behind a wonderfully well-preserved fortified wall. The origin of the village is linked to the legend of the Fairy Mélusine, an ancestor of the Counts of Lusignan, who is said to have given the village a castle overnight. The keep called "Mélusine Tower" is all that remains of that building and it watches over the whitewashed houses. The magnificent 11C Romanesque church is not to be missed.

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Must-sees and must-dos

  • Church of Sainte Marie
  • Nef Théodelin (exhibition chamber)
  • Mélusine tower and house


  • Abbeys and churches : Romanesque Church of Sainte Marie
  • By the waterside : The river Mère
  • Castles and ramparts : Ramparts