The authorities

Alongside the decision-making authorities which are the AGM, the Board of Directors and the Committee, 3 operational committees have been set up and correspond to the association’s 3 strategic drivers. Each of these committees is chaired by a Committee member who acts on the President of the association’s authority.

  • The Quality committee gives a decision on the listing of villages or their removal from the list. It is the only committee to have "supreme" power.
  • The Reputation committee monitors the use of the registered trademark, manages internal communication and promotion of the network (design of branded products, Internet site, media relations, promotional campaigns, etc.) and passes on its recommendations to the association’s Committee.
  • The Development committee is responsible for activating tourism and stimulating local stakeholders through initiatives to foster the villages’ economic development (putting together short breaks with the tour operator Come To France, organising events, etc.) and also passes on its recommendations to the association’s Committee.

Each committee meets twice a year and is made up not only of elected representatives of the villages but also of "experts" from among the association’s partner members.

The team

Under the President’s authority, a team made up of a General Manager, a Quality Manager, a Communication Manager, a Development Manager, and one secretary is in charge of the actions.


The association’s average annual budget comes to about 475,000 euros and covers the running costs and the funding of quality, awareness and development initiatives. 75% of the budget comes from the villages’ subscriptions, set at 3 euros per inhabitant, and the remainder from government subsidies, investments by partner companies and the income from sales of branded products.